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BC Electric Weekly passes, circa 1933-1047. I put the call out a while back to share more of these passes, and low and behold, I’ve been introduced to two more noteworthy collections! First, from Neil Whaley’s personal collection, two BC Electric weekly passes from 1933, two from 1945, and a great illustrated pass from 1942 and another from 1944.

Next, Rob Chew shows 3 passes (1936, 1945, 1947) at his online gallery of transit ephemera, which is pretty great in it’s own right! Thanks Neil and Rob! It seems to me the most interesting illustrated passes fall between the years 1940-1944. If anyone out there ever finds more of these passes, I’d love to add them to the collection! It’s remarkable to think these passes were issued every week from 1933-1947, meaning there are somewhere in the ballpark of 700 passes ever made! And every one appears to be different! Wow!


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