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BC Electric ads, from the City of Vancouver Archives, part of the British Columbia Electric Railway Company fonds which covers the time period 1897-1962 and is located in binder CVA 387.

I have determined that these designs were most likely designed by Jack Grundle, who was an art director for BC Electric circa 1947-1965. Lia Grundle, who maintains the Jack Grundle website, instantly recognized the man at the hood of the car as a work of Jack’s. That particular ad has the date “December-January 1958” written in pencil along the bottom of the ad, which fits perfectly to his time-frame there.

The second set of images features the new BC Electric Transit Information line, AMherst 1-4211, which came into effect on February 27, 1959, according to this copy of the Buzzer. This new number replaced KE 7500 as the telephone number for the BCE transit information service. By 1968, the number had become 261-4211. I must admit, the current customer information number 604-953-3333, along with the Translink SMS number 33333 might be cooler, but I am mighty nostalgic for these ads!

Update! Jhenifer had featured some of these at the Buzzer blog back in 2010!


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